1. Illuminated Mirror ProductAll our lighted mirrors are CE, RoHS, GS and EMC certified, as well as IP44 rated. Therefore, our product is suitable to use in bathroom zone 2 above sink
    1. LED Spot LightsOur LED spot light is a light-emitting diode product. The traditional lighting fixture adopts halogen as the light resource, which comes with low luminous efficacy
    1. Energy Saving Spot LightsGenerally, our product saves 80% energy, lasts 8 times more and produces only 20% thermal radiation as compared to an incandescent lamp of the same wattage
    1. LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors
    2. LED Backlit Bathroom MirrorsWe have been constantly using more advanced technology to manufacture our illuminated mirror. The lamp can be continuously used for about 50,000 hours! This energy-efficient solution provides you soothing ambience.
      Our LED backlit bathroom mirror is IP44 rated, so it can be installed in Zone 2 in your bathroom. Zone 2 is a 0.6m strip parallel to the bath or above zone.
    1. Illuminated Makeup Mirrors
    2. Illuminated Makeup MirrorsThe high magnification of this cosmetic mirror meets any beauty requirements, and the multi-angle viewing allows for sparkle to your décor.
      This illuminated makeup mirror is designed to make your makeup routine more enjoyable.
    1. Illuminated Mirror Bathroom Cabinets
    2. Illuminated Mirror Bathroom CabinetsThis lighted cabinet provides superb storage, soothing illumination and elegant mirror, which bring a brilliant sculptural element to your bathroom. With the aid of the backlit mirror and sufficient storage space, your interior would be more exclusive and stylish.

Illuminated Mirror, Spot Light Manufacturer

Welcome to CHAOLANG Hardware & Electric! We are a leading provider of professional lighting solutions. Be sure to browse our full catalogue amazing deals on luminaires and illuminated mirror products! We highly recommend popular selections such as the illuminated makeup mirror and the LED backlit bathroom mirror.

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